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That’s looks so good.

darla cooks

I’m not really sure what inspires me in the kitchen. It changes every day. Sometimes it changes hour to hour.  This time I’m pretty sure that the ingredients influenced the cooking. I cannot resist Meyer lemons. The beauty of blood oranges captivates me every time. So I ended up with quite a bounty of beautiful citrus from my visit to Central Market. Sorbet is the obvious choice for me when it comes to fruit because I have a wonderful ice cream maker and my darling husband loves to have sorbet.

That’s rather mindlessly easy for me now: Meyer lemon sorbet, blood orange sorbet- Mix the juice with simple syrup and freeze it in your ice cream maker.

I was hoping to make something more exciting, something new.

Maybe something like Lemon curd.  The recipe for this came up when I was poking around on the Internet.  I love Pinterest.  I…

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This looks absolutely delicious. umm…

At Down Under

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Apricot Lavender Tart

I was like a child in a toy shop the first time I entered in Aurore Capucine, a small pâtisserie in the 9th arrondissement of Paris that sells delightful treats.
In the summertime, I remember there were lovely tartelettes with fresh fruits and berries. Each one looking like a pièce unique showcased in the window. And one of my favorites was the apricot and lavender tart

 © 2012 Viviane Perenyi Lavender and Apricot

First the catchy colours. The tiny purple dots of lavender against the vibrant orange slices of apricot. Then, the taste. The combination of the aromatic flower and the sweet fruit. A pleasure for the eyes and the mouth.

The dinner Paprika and I hosted last Tuesday was an occasion to recreate and share that tart so special to me. And I was pleased to see how sweet apricots on a thin layer of jam, encased in a shortcrust pastry and enhanced with the…

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